62 Alubox.com A690 on Aluminium pallet on harbor in South Africa
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Alubox PRO S690. 118 x 78 x 75 cm Aluminiums kasse
Længde: 118 CM
Bredde: 78 CM
Højde: 75 CM
Vægt: 18,2 KG
Volume: 690 L
Max load: 200 KG

Alu-box 1-1 palle på palle

Boxes of high quality and low weight. Extra strong corners witch makes it easy to stack safely during transport.
The boxes have strong stainless steel locks and hinges, spring handles and a rubber gasket. The boxes come with extra sealing in joints.

All PRO boxes is made to IP54 standard.
The boxes are available in different sizes and fitting in series.
Most boxes is adjusted to Euro-pallets ground measurement (80 x 120 cm.). S690 is a 1/1 EUR-pallet sizes.

Material thickness 1,0 mm.
Max load is 50 kg. pr. handlebar.

Tecnical drawing
Fitting in series.
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Tecnical drawing

Tecnical drawing

Fitting in series.

S690 passer i grundmål med følgende kasser: S350 + A145 + A550


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