The Micro Field Station is developed to  be a flexible and easy transporting unit. 
It will be easily transported and erected anywhere in the world, and can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

Alubox has developed the next generation of the Micro Field Stations. The work with FIELD STATION – NATURAE OBSERVATIO is a long-term project, a practical and theoretical enterprise – and part of the IK Foundations BRIDGE BUILDER EXPEDITIONS – aiming to establish eco-designed autonomous Field Stations, which, unattended during night and day, all year-round will observe a selected landscape and its life.

Alubox has toghether with IK’s participants around the World  developed, completed and tested the latest and most updated Field Station. Soft- and hardware – “the Brain and Body” of the Field Station, with the working title of the Micro Field Station, from where observations can be carried out for long periods of time via a very compact and transportable unit.